NSL Legal is an experienced team of sharp, knowledgeable lawyers experts in their domain of IP protection and IP well being. Our single objective of daily operations is our Clients’ smooth, meteoric rise and growth, with us shielding our clients’ most valued IP investments making our clients business and IP well being obstacle free of IP Laws and Protection along with 55 + members of the NSL legal team. We are devoted to country’s IP laws and best practices with highest standards of Integrity and efficiency.

The team comprises of Senior Lawyers with each having a vast experience in the IP field. NSL Legal offers following expertise with one of a kind Proprietary Technology with exhaustive updated data base as reflected in Indian Trade Marks Registry.
» Brand Search
» Trade Mark Registration in Indian Continents
» Patent Registration
» Copyright Registration
» Industrial Design Registration
» IP Litigation
» IP Prosecution
» Updation Alerts (Complimentary)
NSL Legal is completely dedicated to living up to its philosophy “ Shielding your IP Value ” at the minimal Cost.

We at NSL Legal are driven by our values to the core and jointly our mission is to provide the best of services in terms of Alerts, Updations for Government Requisitions and Statutory Compliance to all prospective clients who deserve the best of services for their valued IP investments.
NSL Legal breathes, lives and operates by its vision of becoming a synonym to IP with absolute integrity, transparency, highest standards of efficiency and raising the bar of IP processes upholding India’s IP Law.

Brand Search
NSL Legal is your confidant and your shoulder in strength which puts more responsibility on our team to work extensively and intensively on your requirement of searching your most optimal name for your new innovation, giving you the best possibilities and feasibility study which makes your Brand’s life and rise with no hindrances whatsoever.

Trade Mark Application and Registration
NSL Legal being your pillar represents you in all Government Authorities for all Trade Mark related applications and registrations showcasing your best interest, efficiently managing your portfolio and making sure that your application, registration to certification process is seamless.

Patent Registration
NSL Legal with its team understands aptly the depth and value of an invention or innovation to its creator. We offer our expertise in all diligence required in the government procedures so that our client engages in what he does best, inventions and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the inventor is securely the sole owner of his inventions.

Copyright Registration
NSL Legal and team engages to the root level of operations to ensure client’s right to own his ingenious work giving the client the free will and right to distribute, reproduce, display his work and generate its derivatives. We operate as advisory to functionary to our clients for each process of Copyright assessment, filing, registration, recordation, transfer to cease and desist.

Design Registration
NSL Legal has experts in its team to offer their experience and knowledge base to clients starting from feasibility report to restoration and inspection with all kinds of updates in due course of its application and certification.

Litigation & Prosecution
We at NSL Legal fiercely shield what is proprietary to our clients. Our experts in the domain are willing to go that extra mile for our client to ensure the Brands are safe and flourishing and suppressing any attempts made infringing the image or products of clients brands with whatever process deemed necessary from perspective of Law enforcement.

Updation for Govt. Requisitions / Statutory Compliances / Alerts /Watch Services :
NSL Legal specializes in proprietary Technology with up-to-date, exhaustive and compact record of complete database for trade marks in India. The complimentary service to our Clients includes database of all clients trade marks in India which are registered , pending, opposed, withdrawn, abandoned, cancelled as reflected in

the records of the Indian Trade Marks Registry with their current status with a one of a kind alert service only offered by NSL Legal related to all Govt. Requisition, Statutory Compliances, Status Changes and similar marks applied and published.

The team comprises of Senior Lawyers with each having an experience of over 30 years in the field of IP Laws and Protection along with 55 + members of the NSL legal team. We are devoted to country’s IP laws and best practices with highest standards of Integrity and efficiency.

NSL Legal is humbled with the esteemed clients it has been serving for over 30 + years from Multi Nationals, International and National prestigious Brands and Businesses. Our clients vouch for the sense of protection and security they have for their IP investments.

NSL Legal is the protective shield you need for your IP value and its well being. We are absolutely devoted to our clients IP and we offer a preview of our services to clients with our series of alerts, updates, crucial information related to client’s IP at absolutely NO CHARGES proving that our work speaks for us and our values.

" NSL LEGAL, Shielding Your IP Value "

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