Note: (A) Includes Foodstuffs For Human Beings, Foodstuffs For Animal And Dietetic Foods.
(B) Not Including Packages (Cl. 09).
01-01 Bakers’ Products, Biscuits, Pastry, Macaroni And Other Cereal Products. Chocolates, Confectionery, Ices 01-02 Fruit And Vegetables
01-03 Cheeses, Butter And Butter Substitutes, Other Dairy Produce
01-04 Butcher’s Meat (Including Pork Products), Fish
01-05 [Vacant]
01-06 Animal Foodstuffs
01-99 Miscellaneous

Articles Of Clothing And Haberdashery
Note: Not Including Articles Of Clothing For Dolls (Cl. 21-01), Special Equipment For Protection Against Fire Hazards, For Accident Prevention And For Rescue (Cl. 29), And Animal Clothing (Cl. 30-01).
02-01 Undergarments, Lingerie, Corsets, Brassieres, Nightwear
Note: (A) Including Orthopedic Corsets And Body Linen.
(B) Not Including Household Linen (Cl. 06-13).
02-02 Garments
Note: (A) Includes All Sorts Of Garments, Including Furs, Bathing Costumes, Sports Clothing And Orthopedic Garments, Subject To The Exceptions Indicated Under (B).
(B) Not Including Undergarments (Cl. 02-01), Or Garments To Be Placed In Classes 02-03; 02-04; 02-05 Or 02-06.
02-03 Headwear
Note: Includes All Kinds Of Headwear For Men, Women And Children.
02-04 Footwear, Socks And Stockings
Note: Including Special Boots For Sports Such As Football, Skiing And Ice Hockey, Orthopedic
Footwear And Socks, As Well As Tights, Gaiters And Other Legwear.
02-05 Neckties, Scarves, Neckerchiefs And Handkerchiefs
Note: Includes All “Flat” Clothing Accessories.
02-06 Gloves
Note: Includes Surgical Gloves And Rubber Or Plastic Protective Gloves For Household Use Or For Various Occupations Or Sports.
02-07 Haberdashery And Clothing Accessories
Note: (A) Including Buttons, Clasps For Garments, For Headwear And For Footwear, Laces, Pins, Hand Sewing, Knitting And Embroidery Equipment And Clothing Accessories Such As Bells, Suspenders, Braces.
(B) Not Including Yarns Or Other Threads (Cl. 05-01), Decorative Trimmings (Cl. 05-04), Sewing, Knitting And Embroidery Machines (Cl. 15-06) Or Sewing Kits (Containers) (Cl. 03- 01).
02-99 Miscellaneous

Travel Goods, Cases, Parasols And Personal Belongings, Not Elsewhere Specified
03-01 Trunks, Suitcases, Briefcases, Handbags, Keyholders, Cases Specially Designed For Their Contents, Wallets And Similar Articles
Note: Not Including Articles For The Transport Of Goods (Cl. 09) Or Cigar Cases And Cigarette Cases
(Cl. 27-06).
03-02 [Vacant]
03-03 Umbrellas, Parasols, Sunshades And Walking Sticks
03-04 Fans
03-99 Miscellaneous

No. Brushware
04-01 Brushes And Brooms For Cleaning
Note: Not Including Clothes Brushes (Cl. 04-02).
04-02 Toilet Brushes, Clothes Brushes And Shoe Brushes
Note: “Toilet Brushes” Means Brushes For Corporal Use; For Example, For The Hair, Nails Or Teeth.
04-03 Brushes For Machines
Note: “Brushes For Machines” Means Brushes Incorporated In Machines Or In Special Vehicles.
04-04 Paintbrushes, Brushes For Use In Cooking
04-99 Miscellaneous

Textile Piecegoods, Artificial And Natural Sheet Material
Note: (A) Includes All Textile Or Similar Articles, Sold By The Yard And Not Made Up.
(B) Not Including Ready-Made Articles (Cl. 02 Or 06).
05-01 Spun Articles
Note: (A) Including Yarn And Thread.
(B) Not Including, For Instance, Rope Wire, String, Twine (Cl. 09-06).
05-02 Lace
05-03 Embroidery
05-04 Ribbons, Braids And Other Decorative Trimmings
05-05 Textile Fabrics
Note: (A) Including Textile Fabrics, Woven, Knitted Or Otherwise Manufactured, Tarpaulins, Felt And Loden.
05-06 Artificial Or Natural Sheet Material
Note: (A) Includes Sheets Whose Only Characteristic Features Are Their Surface Ornamentation Or Their Texture; In Particular, Covering Sheets Such As Wallpaper, Linoleum, Self-Adhesive
Plastic Sheets, Wrapping Sheets And Rolls Of Paper, Subject To The Exceptions Indicated Under (B).
(B) Not Including Writing Paper, Even In Rolls (Cl. 19-01), Or Sheets Used As Building
Components Such As Wall Panels And Wainscoting (Cl. 25-01).
05-99 Miscellaneous

Note: (A) Composite Furniture Articles Embodying Components Includes In Several Subclasses Are Classified In Class 06-05.
(B) Sets Of Furniture, As Far As They Can Be Looked Upon As One Design, Are Classified In Class 06-05.
(C) Not Including Textile Piecegoods (Cl. 05)
06-01 Beds And Seats
Note: Including Mattress Supports And Vehicle Seats.
06-02 [Vacant]
06-03 Tables And Similar Furniture
06-04 Storage Furniture
Note: Including Cupboards, Furniture With Drawers Or Compartments, And Shelves.
06-05 Composite Furniture
06-06 Other Furniture And Furniture Parts
06-07 Mirrors And Frames
Note: Not Including Mirrors Included In Other Classes (See Alphabetical List).
06-08 Clothes Hangers
N.B.: The French Text Contains A Note Which Does Not Concern The English Text.
06-09 Mattresses And Cushions
06-10 Curtains And Indoor Blinds
06-11 Carpets, Mats And Rugs
06-12 Tapestries
06-13 Blankets And Other Covering Materials, Household Linen And Napery
Note: Including Furniture Covers, Bedspreads And Table Covers.
06-99 Miscellaneous

Household Good, Not Elsewhere Specified
Note: (A) Including Household Appliances And Utensils Operated By Hand, Even If Motor Driven.
(B) Not Including Machines And Appliances For Preparing Food And Drink (Cl. 31).
07-01 China, Glassware, Dishes And Other Articles Of A Similar Nature
Note: (A) Includes Dishes And Crockery In All Materials; In Particular, Paper And Cardboard Dishes.
(B) Not Including Cooking Utensils And Containers, Such As Glass And Earthenware Pots (Cl. 07-02), Or Flower Vases, Flower Pots And China Glassware Of A Purely Ornamental Nature (Cl. 11-02).
07-02 Cooking Appliances, Utensils And Containers
07-03 Table Knives, Forks And Spoons
07-04 Appliances And Utensils, Hand-Manipulated, For Preparing Food Or Drink
Note: Not Including Appliances And Utensils Classified In Class 07-02 And In Class 31.
07-05 Flatirons And Washing, Cleaning And Drying Equipment
Note: Not Including Electric Household Appliances For Washing, Cleaning Or Drying (Cl. 15-05).
07-06 Other Table Utensils
07-07 Other Household Receptacles
07-08 Fireplace Implements
07-99 Miscellaneous

Tools And Hardware
Note: (A) Includes Hand-Operated Tools, Even If Mechanical Power Takes The Place Of Muscular Force, Or Example, Electric Saws And Drills.
(B) Not Including Machines Or Machine Tools (Cl. 15 Or 31).
08-01 Tools And Implements For Drilling, Milling Or Digging
08-02 Hammers And Other Similar Tools And Implements
08-03 Cutting Tools And Implements
Note: (A) Including Tools And Instruments For Sawing.
(B) Not Including Table Knives (Cl. 07-03), Cutting Tools And Implements For Kitchen Use (Cl. 31), Or Knives Used In Surgery (Cl. 24-02).
08-04 Screwdrivers And Other Similar Tools And Implements
08-05 Other Tools And Implements
Note: Includes Tools Which Are Not Classified, Or Not To Be Placed, In Other Subclasses Or Classes.
08-06 Handles, Knobs And Hinges
08-07 Locking For Closing Devices
08-08 Fastening, Supporting Or Mounting Devices Not Included In Other Classes
Note: (A) Including Nails, Screws, Nuts And Bolts.
(B) Not Including Fastening Devices For Clothing (Cl. 02-07), For Adornment (Cl. 11-01), Or For Office Use (Cl. 19-02).
08-09 Metal Fittings And Mountings For Doors, Windows And Furniture, And Similar Articles
08-10 Bicycle Racks
08-99 Miscellaneous
Note: Including Non-Electric Cables, Regardless Of The Material Of Which They Are Made.

Packages And Containers For The Transport Or Handling Of Goods
09-01 Bottles, Flasks, Pots, Carboys, Demijohns, And Containers With Dynamic Dispensing Means
Note: (A) “Pots” Means Those Serving As Containers.
(B) Not Including Pots Regarded As Crockery (Cl. 07-01), Or Flower Pots (Cl. 11-02).
09-02 Storage Cans, Drums And Casks
09-03 Boxes, Cases, Containers, (Preserve) Tins Or Cans
Note: Including Freight Containers.
09-04 Hampers, Crats And Baskets
09-05 Bags, Sachets, Tubes And Capsules
Note: (A) Including Plastic Bags Or Sachets, With Or Without Handle Or Means Of Closing.
(B) “Capsules” Means Those Used For Packaging.
09-06 Ropes And Hooping Materials
09-07 Closing Means And Attachments
Note: (A) Includes Only Closing Means For Packages.
(B) “Attachments” Means, For Example, Dispensing And Dosing Devices Incorporated In Containers And Detachable Atomizers.
09-08 Pallets And Platforms For Forklifts
09-09 Refuse And Trash Containers And Stands Therefor
09-99 Miscellaneous

Clocks And Watches And Other Measuring Instruments, Checking And Signalling Instruments
Note: Including Electrically-Driven Instruments.
10-01 Clock And Alarm Clocks
10-02 Watches And Wrist Watches
10-03 Other Time-Measuring Instruments
Note: Including Time-Measuring Apparatus Such As Parking Meters, Timers For Kitchen Use And Similar Instruments.
10-04 Other Measuring Instruments, Apparatus And Devices
Note: (A) Including Instruments, Apparatus And Devices For Measuring Temperature, Pressure, Weight, Length, Volume And Electricity.
(B) Not Including Exposure Meters (Cl. 16-05).
10-05 Instruments, Apparatus And Devices For Checking, Security Or Testing
Note: Including Fire And Burglar Alarms, And Detectors Of Various Types.
10-06 Signalling Apparatus And Devices
Note: Not Including Lighting Or Signalling Devices For Vehicles (Cl. 26-06).
10-07 Casings Dials, Hands And All Other Parts And Accessories Of Instruments For Measuring, Checking And Signalling
Note: “Casings” Means Watch And Clock Casings And All Casings Being Integral Parts Of Instruments Of Which They Protect The Mechanism, With The Exception Of Cases Specify Designed For Their Contents (Cl. 03-01) Or For Packaging (Cl. 09-03).
10-99 Mescellaneous

Articles Of Adornment
11-01 Jewellery
Note: (A) Including Fancy And Imitation Jewellery.
(B) Not Including Watches (Cl. 10-02).
11-02 Trinkets, Table, Mantel And Wall Ornaments, Flower Vases And Pots
Note: Including Sculptures, Mobiles And Statues.
11-03 Medals And Badges
11-04 Artificial Flowers, Fruit And Plants
11-05 Flags, Festive Decorations
Note: (A) Including Garlands, Streamers And Christmas Tree Decorations.
(B) Not Including Candles (Cl. 26-04).
11-99 Miscellaneous

Means Of Transport Or Hoisting
Note: (A) Includes All Vehicles, Land, Sea, Air, Space And Others.
(B) Including Parts, Components And Accessories Which Exist Only In Connection With A And Vehicle Cannot Be Placed In Another Class; These Parts, Components And Accessories Of Vehicles Are To Be Placed In The Subclass Of The Vehicle In Question, Or In Class 12-16 If They Are Common To Several Vehicles Included In Different Subclasses.
(C) Not Including, In Principle, Parts, Components And Accessories Of Vehicles Which Can Be Placed Another Class; These Parts, Components And Accessories Are To Be Placed In The Same Class As Articles Of The Same Type, In Other Words, Having The Same Function. Thus, Carpets Or Mats For Automobiles Are To Be Placed With Carpets (Cl. 06-11); Electric Motors For Vehicles Are To Be Placed In Class 13-01, And Non-Electric Motors For Vehicles In Class 15-01 (The Same Applies To The Components Of Such Motors); Automobile Headlamps Are To Be Placed With Lighting Apparatus (Cl.26-06).
(D) Not Including Scale Models Of Vehicles (Cl. 21-01).
12-01 Vehicles Drawn By Animals
12-02 Handcarts, Wheelbarrows
12-03 Locomotives And Rolling Stock For Railways And Other Rail Vehicles
12-04 Telpher Carriers, Chair Lifts And Skilifts
12-05 Elevators And Hoists For Loading Or Conveying
Note: Including Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Cranes, Forklift Trucks And Conveyor Belts.
12-06 Ships And Boats
12-07 Aircrafts And Space Vehicles
12-08 Motor Cars, Buses And Lorries
Note: Including Ambulances And Refrigerator Vans (Road).
12-09 Tractors
12-10 Road Vehicle Trailers
Note: Including Caravans.
12-11 Cycles And Motorcycles
12-12 Perambulators, Invalid Chairs, Stretchers
Note: (A) :Perambulators” Means Hand Carriage For Infants.
(B) Not Including Toy Perambulators (Cl. 21-01).
12-13 Special-Purpose Vehicles
Note: (A) Includes Only Vehicles Not Specially Intended For Transport, Such As Street-Cleaning Vehicles, Watering Lorries, Fire Engines, Snow Ploughs And Breakdown Lorries.
(B) Not Including Mixed-Purpose Agricultural Machines (Cl. 15-03), Or Self-Propelled Machines For Use In Construction And Civil Engineering (Cl. 15-04).
12-14 Other Vehicles
Note: Including Sleighs And Air-Cushion Vehicles.
12-15 Tyres And Anti-Skid Chains For Vehicles
12-16 Parts, Equipment And Accessories For Vehicles, Not Included In Other Classes Or Subclasses
12-99 Miscellaneous

Equipment For Production, Distribution Or Transformation Of Electricity
Note : (A) Includes Only Apparatus Which Produces, Distributes Or Transforms Electric Current.
(B) Including Electric Motors, However.
(C) Not Including Electrically-Driven Apparatus, Such As Electric Watches (Cl. 10-02), Or Apparatus For The Measurement Of Electric Current (Cl. 10-04).
13-01 Generators And Motors
Note: Including Electric Motors For Vehicles.
13-02 Power Transformeters, Rectifiers, Batteries And Accumulators
13-03 Eqiupment For Distribution Or Control Of Electric Power
Note: Including Conductors, Switches And Switchboards.
13-99 Miscellaneous

Recording, Communication Or Information Retrieval Equipment
14-01 Equipment For The Recording Or Reproducing Or Reproduction Of Sounds Or Picturea
Note: Not Including Photographic Or Cinematographic Apparatus (Cl. 16).
14-02 Data Processing Equipment As Well As Peripheral Apparatus And Devices
14-03 Communications Equipment, Wireless Remote Controls And Radiio Amplifiers
Note: Including Telegraphic, Telephone And Television Apparatus, As Well As Wireless Apparatus And Teleprinters.
14-99 Miscellaneous

Yes. Machines, Not Elsewhere Specified
15-01 Engines
Note: (A) Including Non-Electric Engines For Vehicles.
(B) Not Including Electric Motors (Cl. 13).
15-02 Pumps And Compressors
Note: Not Including Hand Or Foot Pumps (Cl. 08-05), Or Or Fire Extinguishing Pumps. (Cl. 29-01).
15-03 Agricultural Machinery
Note: (A) Including Ploughs And Combined Machinery, I.E. , Both Machines And Vehicles, For Examples, Reaping And Binding Machines.
(B) Not Including Hand Tools (Cl. 08).
15-04 Construction Machinery
Note: (A) Including Machines Used In Civil Engineering And Self Propelled Machines Such As Excavators, Concrete Mixer And Dredgers.
(B) Not Including Hoists And Cranes (Cl. 12-05).
15-05 Washing Cleaning And Drying Machines.
Note: Including:
(A) Appliances And Machines For Treating Lines And Clothes, Such As Ironing Machines And Wringers.
(B) Dishwashing Machines And Industrial Drying Equipment.
15-06 Textile, Sewing, Knitting And Embroidering Machines Including Their Integral Parts
15-07 Refrigeration Machinery And Apparatus
Note: (A) Including Household Refrigeration Apparatus.
(C) Not Including Refrigerator Wagons (Rail) (Cl. 12-03) Or Refrigerator Vans (Road) (Cl.12-08).
15-08 [Vacant]
15-09 Machine Tools, Abrading And Founding Machinery
Note: Not Including Earth Working Machinery And Material Separators (Cl. 15-99).
15-99 Miscellaneous

Photographic, Cinematographic And Optical Apparatus
Note: Not Including Lamps For Photography Or Filming (Cl. 26-05).
16-01 Photographic Cameras And Film Cameras
16-02 Projectors And Viewers
16-03 Photocoopying Apparatus And Enlargers
Note: Including Microfilming Equipment And Apparatus For Viewing Microfilms, As Well As Office Machines Known As “Photocopying” Apparatus Which Use Other Than Photographic Processes (In Particular, Thermal Or Magnetic Processes).
16-04 Developing Apparatus And Equipment
16-05 Accessories
Note:Including Filters For Photographic Cameras, Exposure Meters, Tripods And Photographic Flashlight Apparatus.
16-06 Optical Articles
Note: (A) Including Spectacles And Microscopes.
(B) Not Including Measuring Instruments Embodying Optical Devices (Cl. 10-04).
16-99 Miscellaneous

Musical Instruments
Note: Not Including Cases For Musical Instruments (Cl. 03-01), Or Equipment For The Recording Or Reproduction Of Sounds (Cl. 14-01).
17-01 Keyboard Instruments
Note: Including Electronic And Other Organs, Accordions, And Mechanical And Other Pianos.
17-02 Wind Instruments
Note: Not Including Organs, Harmoniums And Accordions, And Mechanical And Other Pianos.
17-03 Stringed Instruments
17-04 Percussion Instruments
17-05 Mechanical Instruments
Note: (A) Including Music Boxes.
(B) Not Including Mechanical Keyboard Instruments (Cl. 17-01).
17-99 Miscellaneous

Printing And Office Machinery
18-01 Typewriters And Calculating Machines
Note: Not Including Computers And Other Apparatus To Be Placed In Class 14-02
18-02 Printing Machines
Note: (A) Including Typesetting Machines, Stereotype Machines And Apparatus,Typographic Machines And Other Reproducing Machines Such As Duplicators And Offset Equipment, As Well As Addressing Machines, Franking And Cancelling Machines.
(B) Not Including Photocopying Machinery (Cl. 16-03).
18-03 Type And Type Faces
18-04 Bookbinding Machines, Printers’ Stapling Machines, Guillotines And Trimmers (For Bookbinding)
Note: Including Machines And Similar Devices For Cutting Paper, Analogous To Guillotines And Trimmers.
18-99 Miscellaneous

Stationery And Office Equipment, Artists’ And Teaching Materials
19-01 Writing Paper, Cards For Correspondence And Announcements
Note: Includes All Paper, In The Widest Sense Of The Term, Which Is Used For Writing, Drawing, Painting Or Printing, Such As Tracing Paper, Carbon Paper, Newsprint, Envelopes, Greetings Cards And Illustrated Postcards, Even If They Embody A Sound Recording.
19-02 Office Equipment
Note: (A) Including Equipment Used At Cash Desks, Such As Change Sorters.
(B) Some Office Equipment Is To Be Placed In Other Subclasses Or Classes; For Example, Office Furniture In Class 06, Office Machines And Equipment In Class 14-02; 16-03; 18-01; 18-02 Or 18-04, And Writing Materials In Class 19-01 Or 19-06 (See Alphabetical List).
19-03 Calenders
Note: Not Including Diaries (Cl. 19-04).
19-04 Books And Other Objects Of Similar Outward Appearance
Note: Including Covers Of Books, Binding, Albums, Diaries And Similar Objects.
19-05 [Vacant]
19-06 Materials And Instruments For Writing By Hand, For Drawing, For Painting, For Sculpture, For Engraving And For Other Artistic Techniques
Note: Not Including Paintbrushes (Cl. 04-04), Drawing Tables And Attached Equipment (Cl. 06- 03), Or Writing Papaer (Cl. 19-01).
19-07 Teaching Materials
Note: (A) Including Maps Of All Kinds, Globes And Planetariums.
(B) Not Including Audio-Visual Teaching Aids (Cl. 14-01).
19-08 Other Printed Matter
Note: Including Printed Advertising Materials.
19-99 Miscellaneous

Sales And Advertising Equipment, Signs
20-01 Automatic Vending Machine
20-02 Display And Sales Equipment
Note: Not Including Articles Of Furniture (Cl. 06).
20-03 Signs, Signboards And Advertising Devices
Note: (A) Including Luminous Advertising Devices And Mobile Advertising Devices.
(B) Not Includingn Pacjages (Cl. 09), Or Signalling Devices (Cl. 10-06).
20-99 Miscellaneous

Games, Toys, Tents And Sports Goods
21-01 Games And Toys
Note: (A) Including Scale Models.
(B) Not Including Toys For Animals (Cl. 30-99).
21-02 Gymnastic And Sports Apparatus And Equipment
Note: (A) Includes, As Sports Equipment: Apparatus And Equipment Necessary For The Various Sports Which Have No Other Specific Purpose, Such As Footballs, Skis And Tennis Rackets, To The Exclusion Of All Other Objects Which May Also Be Used In Practing A Given Sport.
(B) Including Subject To The Reservation Mentioned Under (A), Training Equipment And Apparatus And Equipment Necessary For Outdoor Games.
(C) Not Including Sports Clothing (Cl. 02), Toboggans Or Sleighs (Cl. 12-14).
21-03 Other Amusement And Entertainment Articles
Note : (A) Including Fairground Roundabouts And Automatic Machines For Games Of Chance.
(B) Not Including Games And Toys (Cl. 21-01), Or Other Articles To Be Placed In Class 21-01 Or 21- 02.
21-04 Tents And Accessories Thereof
Note: (A) Including Poles, Pegs And Other Similar Articles.
(C) Not Including Other Camping Articles To Be Placed In Other Classes According To Their Nature,Such As Chairs (Cl. 06-01), Tables (Cl. 06-03), Plates (Cl. 07-01), And Caravans (Cl. 12-10).
21-99 Miscellaneous

Arms, Pyrotechnic Articles, Articles For Hunting, Fishing And Pest Killing
22-01 Projectile Weapons
22-02 Other Weapons
22-03 Ammunition, Rockets And Pyroteching Articles
22-04 Targets And Accessories
Note: Including The Special Device For Actuating Mobile Targets.
22-05 Hunting And Fishing Equipment
Note: Not Including Articles Of Clothing (Cl. 02), Or Weapons (Cl. 22-01 Or 22-02).
22-06 Traps, Articles For Pest Killing
22-99 Miscellaneous

Fluid Distribution Equipment, Sanitary, Heating, Ventilation And Air-Conditioning Equipment, Solid Fuel
23-01 Fluid Distribution Equipment
Note: Including Pipes And Pipe Fittings.
23-02 Sanitary Appliances
Note: (A) Including Baths, Showers, Washbasins, Saunas, Waterclosets, Sanitary Units And Sanitary Accessories Not Included In Other Classes.
(B) Not Including Pipes Or Pipe Fittings (Cl. 23-01).
23-03 Heating Equpment
23-04 Ventilation And Air-Conditioning Equipment
23-05 Solid Fuel
23-99 Miscellaneous

Medical And Laboratory Equipment
Note: The Term "Medical Equipment" Covers Also Surgical, Dental And Veterinary Equipment.
24-01 Appartus Equipment For Doctors, Hospitals And Laboratories
24-02 Medical Instruments, Instruments And Tools For Laboratory Use
Note: Includes Only Hand-Operated Instruments.
24-03 Prosthetic Articles
24-04 Materials For Dressing Wounds, Nursing And Medical Care
24-99 Miscellaneous

Building Units And Construction Elements
25-01 Building Materials
Note: Including Bricks, Beams, Pre-Shaped Strips, Tiles, Slates And Panels.
25-02 Prefabricated Or Pre-Assembled Building Parts
Note: (A) Including Windows, Doors, Outdoors Shutters, Partition Walls And Gratings.
(B) Not Including Staircases (Cl. 25-04).
25-03 Houses, Garages And Other Buildings
25-04 Steps, Ladders And Scaffolds
25-99 Miscellaneous

Lighting Apparatus
26-01 Candlesticks And Candelabra
26-02 Torches And Hand Lamps And Lanterns
26-03 Public Lighting Fixtures
Note: Including Outside Lamps, Stage Lighting And Searchlight Projectors.
26-04 Luminous Sources, Electrical Or Not
Note: Including Bulbs For Electric Lamps, Luminous Plaques And Tubes, And Candles.
26-05 Lamps, Standard Lamps, Chandeliers, Wall And Ceiling Fixtures,Lampshades, Reflectors, Photographic And Cinematographic Projector Lamps
26-06 Luminous Devices For Vehicles
26-99 Miscellaneous

Tobacco And Smokers' Supplies
27-01 Tobacco, Cigars And Cigarettes
27-02 Pipes, Cigar And Cigarette Holders
27-03 Ashtrays
27-04 Matches
27-05 Lighters
27-06 Cigar Cases, Cigarette Cases, Tobacco Jars And Pouches
Note: Not Including Packages (Cl. 09).
27-99 Miscellaneous

Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Products, Toiler Articles And Apparatus
28-01 Pharmaceutical Products
Note: (A) Including For Animals.
(B) Not Including Materials For Dressing Wounds And Nursing (Cl. 24-04).
(C) Including Chemicals In Cachet, Capsule, Lozenge, Pill And Tablet Forms.
28-02 Cosmetic Products
Note: Including For Animals.
28-03 Toilet Articles And Beauty Parlor Equipment
Note (A) Including Razors, Apparants And Appliances For Hair Removing Or Hair Dressing.
(B) Not Including Toilet And Make-Up Brushes (Cl. 04-02), Or Articles And Equipment For Animals (Cl. 30-99)
28-04 Wigs, False Hairpieces
28-99 Miscellaneous

Devices And Equipment Against Fire Hazards, For Accident Prevention And For Rescue
29-01 Devices And Equipment Against Fire Hazards
Note : (A) Including Fire Extinguishers.
(B) Not Including Fire Engines (Vehicles) (Cl. 12-13), Free-Hoses And Nozzles For Fire-Hoses (Cl. 23-01).
29-02 Devices And Equipment Against For Accident Prevention And For Rescue, Not Elsewhere Specified
Note: (A) Including Devices And Equipment For Animals.
(B) Not Including Helmets (Cl. 02-03) And Garments For Protection Against Accidents (Cl. 02-02; 02-04 Or 02-06).
29-99 Miscellaneous

Articles For The Care And Handling Of Animals
Note: Not Including Animal Foodstuffs (Cl. 01), Or Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Products For Animals (Cl. 28-01 Or 28-02).
30-01 Animal Clothing
30-02 Pens, Cages, Kennels And Similar Shelters
Note: Not Including Buildings (Cl. 25)
30-03 Feeders And Waterers
30-04 Saddlery
Note: Including Collars For Animals.
30-05 Whips And Prods
30-06 Beds And Nests
30-07 Perches And Other Cage Attachments
30-08 Markers, Marls And Shackles
30-09 Hitching Posts
30-99 Miscellaneous

Machines And Appliances For Preparing Food Or Drink, Not Elsewhere Specified
Note: Not Including Hand-Manipulated Utensil, Instruments And Appliances For Serving Or Preparing Food Or Drink (Cl. 07).
31-00 Machines And Appliances For Preparing Food Or Drink, Not Elsewhere Specified

Note: Includes All Products Not Included In The Preceding Classes.
99-00 Miscellaneous